Dr. Prindiville is a native of Arkansas; he received his MD there and trained in Texas in internal medicine before successfully practicing in Anchorage, AK after a stint in the US Army. He came to UC Davis Medical Center to complete a Gastroenterology fellowship before beginning a storied academic career there.

Research activities at the university were varied, including the human gastrointestinal microbiome and inflammatory bowel disease, and his many hundreds of publications indicate his national status and expertise.

A sought-after speaker, he is renowned locally by Gastroenterologists for his mentorship and accessibility.

His technical expertise in ERCP and EUS for diagnosis and treatment of complex biliary disease and pancreatic disease honed at MD Anderson in Houston, make him an invaluable resource for Gastroenterology Medical Clinic and the community.

He is married, has two children, is an avid pilot and fly fisherman, and loves his annual fishing junkets to his cabin in far-flung Alaska and, most recently, Siberia.